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The Ibaloy complete Bible, Dibshon Emengikan ni Pansigshan 2022, black and brown
The Ibaloy complete Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) was finished and was dedicated in February 17, 2023.
Thank you so much to you all the entire church of the Lord Jesus in Ibaloy land and to you brothers and sisters in the faith from different places around the world for your support, from the beginning of this work until it was printed and dedicated to the Lord.
Ibaloy OT Project Beginnings (2000s)
open DEP2022
DEP2022 brown
DEP2022 black
Ibaloy Complete Bible Dedication main image
Ibaloy Complete Bible Dedication with translation team
Ibaloy Complete Bible Dedication with team
Ibaloy Complete Bible Dedication after stage
Jet osalen tayo koma iyay. Mapteng no am-amtaen tayo pay is Apo Shiyos babaen ni Esel To jen nay-Ibadoy.
Ibaloy Complete Bible subsidized price- 500 pesos

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